WordnSound 2012 Episode 2

LoveGlori is a band which some of us had the opportunity to watch/listen to for the first time. Think more a mix between Simphiwe Dana and Thandiswa, that’s who the two ladies reminded me of. It is mind-blowing to listen to them interchanging roles in different harmonies, language, tempo and rhythm…somewhere in this mix there was rock and the ragga tune was wicked! I dare say this is South Afrika’s next big hit band. We will confine this to only the two singing ladies in this band.





The poet that a lot of people were eager to see and hear was Joshua Bennette. He comes from the US and naturally we expect a hip hop influence; those expectations were met. He went into some of his well known poems that a couple of ladies eagerly recited together with him. What is available about him on the net includes a poem he wrote out of frustration from being unable to communicate with a deaf sibling. He also spoke of challenges imposed by society on his younger brother by labelling him autistic and the historic fictitious diseases that were assigned to (black) American slaves who expressed a desire to be free. In there lies a central theme that of barriers created either by us through manipulation of physiological/mental statuses and sometimes even imagined.