Mainganye Avhashoni

It is not often that I meet someone and they really impress me. This gentleMAN did. We spoke about everything, I listened to him hop from one art form to another, I read his poetry (Which he has so far successfully hidden), he spent days taking photos of us, we had him explain his work hanging in the Polokwane Art Museum, we hung-out late at night, I shot him…he is too cool!


The Spice Of Life

All sorts of reasons are given trying to justify why we do or leave things. We are constantly encouraged to learn new things, keep life interesting. Portia decided there is no reason required for her to have her photos taken. Now she has reasons to repeat this experience.





No coincidence

All a photographer can do is tell you what they have planned, sometimes they don’t even have a plan. How the photos will be, is really a mystery. That is why even the photographer is eager to see the photos after a session.
sometimes, you just know.