My Journey, With Vangi

I met Vangi for the first time behind Boulders some years ago, we recited poetry and debated on the lawns of the Union Buildings at No Camp Chair Poetry Picnic. I once gave her poetry as a birthday present and got a custom-made postcard in return and shot this image from a deck above the stage at the Market Theater Lab in Johannesburg. The lighting guy struggled with the silhouette effect, ended up abandoning the idea, lighting her up for this shot. It inspired her avatar on her column in Vanguard Magazine and profile in the collection of poetry, Home Is Where The Mic Is by Botsotso Publishing. She featured on my boy Sabelo Soko’s poetry cd 2380, track 8, Feels Right. She recently published Undressing In Front Of A Window, her first collection of poetry and formed part of the Azania To DC group of young SA artists who spent some time in Washington DC in what was a return leg of a previous similar visit to SA. Like Pule would say: uVangi, uyaphusha!





Fun Test

Perhaps another way to try and measure one’s parenting skills is to see how much FUN you and the kids can have, keep the house in order, report no major injuries and have it declared a treasured memory, laugh about it when they’re older.



Chicken Livers, Jesus and other stuff


<span style="line-height: 28px;"  I know my way around the kitchen, thanks to my grandmother. She was a domestic worker, then called a girl, in Pretoria till my grandfather passed. I used to cook with her, even bake. I still cook when I’m home-sick, sad, happy, hungry, bored…any excuse really.

I shared these images after the 2nd serving of the meal. The response was:

“There shall be no toy you cannot afford! I speak it!”

An image forms way before a camera gets involved. The shot is just a step in the process of making real what has been happening in the mind of the photographer.



Time for change


Just a few years ago, I began carrying my camera with me everywhere I went. I wanted to use it to open a viewing window to my world, my country, a home I love. Bona Pono was born out of this need. There are other “things” that I do as well which I sought a way to try and merge with this vision. Bona Pono has take a different direction since inception, but the need to share  still remains. 

The photography will migrate to another page where it will get all the attention it deserves. The other “things” will remain on this blog as my take on South Afrika and any other place I can think of or find myself in.

This, for me, is a canvas on which I will throw colors randomly. Why? Because I can. Because it will mean something to someone. With the aid of my pen and any other device that I can use to record or transmit, I will throw these colors onto this canvas.

It Began In Afrika

Fela’s is a story of how one man ferociously persued his vision as a citizen and as an artist. His words make us think and question things. His music brings us together. His struggle gave us Afrobeat. No wonder its power intimidated those in “power”

Rich Medina at RockerFella, Soweto



Thandi insisted that she will wear her wedding dress, be seen by the groom the day before her wedding, just so that we could take shots of her. Such determination, such trust, such responsibility!