My Journey, With Vangi

I met Vangi for the first time behind Boulders some years ago, we recited poetry and debated on the lawns of the Union Buildings at No Camp Chair Poetry Picnic. I once gave her poetry as a birthday present and got a custom-made postcard in return and shot this image from a deck above the stage at the Market Theater Lab in Johannesburg. The lighting guy struggled with the silhouette effect, ended up abandoning the idea, lighting her up for this shot. It inspired her avatar on her column in Vanguard Magazine and profile in the collection of poetry, Home Is Where The Mic Is by Botsotso Publishing. She featured on my boy Sabelo Soko’s poetry cd 2380, track 8, Feels Right. She recently published Undressing In Front Of A Window, her first collection of poetry and formed part of the Azania To DC group of young SA artists who spent some time in Washington DC in what was a return leg of a previous similar visit to SA. Like Pule would say: uVangi, uyaphusha!





One response to “My Journey, With Vangi

  1. i love to see how art and art relate!!! your photographic art is sound where her poetry is seen. I love it! congrats to you both for an awesome networking experience


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